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Every groomer loves dogs and all dogs love humans but may not like the groomers!

Being a groomer can be difficult at times when you can’t exactly ask you client to please sit still or even ask them how they are feeling. Even though we all love our pets we all have to be careful especially when you are really getting all up and personal with all dogs types and cats too. There are a few ways to assess the situation so that both groomers and dogs are left feeling happy and clean of course!

Initial Meeting

Once the owner arrives with their pet, it is always a good idea to suss out how the animals behaviour is, do they need to be dragged into the salon or are they happy enough to be there. Also are they apprehensive to other people touching them than their owners. Some dogs are nervous entering a strange place particularly when their owner is not there to comfort them. A great natural calming agent such as pet remedy products are helpful in situations where you are a little unsure of how nervous a pet might be. Pet remedy products are a unique blend of essential oils valerian based and works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets. Using such calming products like the plug in diffuser can help create a calm environment for the pet to enter into along side our own human behaviour towards the pet of course.

Safety For You And The Dog or Cat

We can try and talk to dogs as much as we want and attempt to calm them down by telling them it’s alright but unfortuntly we dont speak dog to help them fully. Dog cages are a must, the enclosed space can help calm the dog and also prevent major damage to you or the dog. Safety gloves for bite prevention are also a handy accessory to have in the salon, the dog may not be aggressive but may have a sensitive area or the dog may be very nervous. In the case of nervous dogs it is not a bad idea to always use the gloves first time for extra care.

In any case if the dog is aggressive and you feel is a danger to itself or you and your staff you should always call the owner. It is in everyone’s interest to have safety measures and protocols in place.

Check out our range of animal behaviour products to see how we can help make your salon a safer and happier place for you and your customers!

Happy and Safe Grooming!

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