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The Dog Parking FacilityTM comprises of a patented lead restraining hook fitted to a mounting plate, which may be securely attached to any suitable surface, such as a brick wall. The diagram shows how the hand loop of a lead is passed over the hook and retained by the ‘cow horn’ cross-piece. Removing the lead is a simple matter of lifting the loop over the ‘cow horn’.

As there are no springs or spring-loaded ‘gates’ to contend with, the facility can be used single-handed – an advantage to anyone with a young child or carrying shopping bags. Because there are no springs involved it is also helpful to anyone with a physical disability, such as arthritis.

A specific application for the facility would be within the veterinary practice where the presence of two or three units in reception would allow owners to park their dogs while dealing with payments or enquiries – it can be difficult to write a cheque and control an excited animal at the same time!

All metal parts are stainless steel, including the attaching screws, and the mounting plate is made from ABS plastic to make the unit durable and damage resistant. Each unit is supplied complete with screws, wall plugs and fitting instructions.

Width 11cm x Height 17.5cm.

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