Eeziset Cat Trap


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Product Description

The EeziSet Cat TrapTM is a self-activating trap designed to catch a single cat. The trap mechanism is both easy to set up and effective in operation. The well proven mechanism comprises of a spring loaded, self locking trap door which is released by the action of the cat’s weight on a treadle plate. The whole trap is robust and simple in design and can be used with confidence even by inexperienced personnel. The cage is made with heavy gauge wire mesh and is plated for durability. The trap opening allows easy entry even for mature toms and the cage is spacious to minimise distress and discomfort.

Other features include a Polyglass access door at the rear of the cage to allow bait to be placed and metal plates strategically located to prevent the bait being accessed from outside. The ‘see through’ bait door may also serve to lessen the natural suspicions of the approaching cat. The EeziSetTM is available in standard and extended versions.

Length 76cm x Width 29.5cm x Height 32cm.

Weight 8kg

PRODUCT CODE: 178- 315Eeziset-178-315


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