Summer is here!

We are all delighted to see the summer is here this year and the warm weather has kicked in. Although it is all great to have a warm hot summer we must think about our pets in the hot weather and how to keep them cool. Canines can easily get overheated, because the only ways they release heat is by panting and through a limited number of sweat glands between their toes it is important to help keep them cool in other ways. Below are a few tips to helping your pet stay cool.

Plenty of fresh cool water should always be available. Like humans, dogs will sweat to keep cool but by sweating they are dehydrating. It is important to have fresh water available so they may stay hydrated.

Snacks. There are plenty of homemade recipes around on the internet for Popsicles for dogs to help keep them cool. Check out our Pinterest page for some

Be mindful of hot surfaces! Dogs can burn they paws if exposed to hot surfaces such as hot stones on beaches, very hot sand, hot concrete or asphalt. Walking or exercising your dog in the cooler parts of the day such as the morning is optimal. Your dog can enjoy a good exercise during the coolest part of the day and avoided over heating or burning paws. If you are out and about in the sun make sure your dog has some shade to rest in.

Never! Never leave your pet either outside exposed to the sun, in a car unattended and with out water or fresh air or in an enclosed area with no shade or water.


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