Callicrate Bander

Callicrate Smart bander Kit


Product Description

Non-Surgical procedure/BLOODLESS
• Uninterrupted feed intake, conversion, and weight gain
• Reduces incidence of water belly
• Patented clip locks loop in place – NO SLIPPAGE
• Quick and easy to use, 10-15 seconds/animal
• Works on any size animal
• Increased performance

Video :

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Research shows that bulls outperform
steers by 15% in:

• Increased growth rate
• Feed conversion
• Improved overall lean meat production

• Banding with the Callicrate Bander reduces stress

Research shows that SURGICAL castration of bull calves and yearlings causes stress from blood loss and physical changes to the body

Loss of daily gain

• .5 lb/day 1st 28-30 days
• .25 lb/day Next 30-150 days

Callicrate Bander

Callicrate Bander


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