Cosy Pads Small


Product Description

New generation meshed pad realized in a material stemming from the medicalCOSYPAD JPEGenvironment used as anti-bedsore, Cosypad® offers comfort, hygiene and ease of cleaning. It constitutes an alternative of choice in duck-boards, underpads, and others litters for the well-being of animals and better efficiency on a daily basis. Thanks to its aerated structure, animals always stay clean and dry. Cosypad® satisfies all the conditions allying the comfort for our animals and the gain of time for professionals.

For an optimal comfort the Cosy Pad leaves the animal dry and with better thermoregulation that paper or towel.

  • In Kennels
  • On Consultation or Groomers Tables
  • In waiting rooms

4 different sizes available 

S. 33cm x 50cm 

M. 39 x 71 cm

L. 55 x 71cm

XL. 60 x 115cm


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