VIYO Reinforces Cat


Product Description

Viyo Reinforces products are unique healthy drinks, developed by veterinarians, to help increase the natural defences of cats.

They contain prebiotic fibres that help improve the cat’s intestinal flora and digestion.

Viyo Reinforces for adult cats is a highly palatable liquid formulation that contains prebiotic fibres FOS and Inuline, to nourish the intestinal flora and thus improve the digestion and the natural immune system.

You will see on the outside what it does on the inside, through firm stool, a shiny coat and increased vitality.

Suitable for cats from 1 to 7 years.

Feeding Guide: Give one 30ml pouch of Viyo Reinforces per day, regardless of age, breed or weight.

Recommend serving in the morning, before the first meal.viyo cat


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